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listen to new album 'twigs'

new album twigs is here!

there's no right or wrong way to listen to and support artists, choose your favorite.


Even though streaming payouts for artists are low ($.005 per play), telling Spotify what you enjoy so that they serve it to others in their discover weekly playlists etc. can have a great impact on independent artists.

the best way to do this is to listen, then and add your favorite songs to your own playlists. The Spotify algorithm sees this as a real vote of confidence for a track (this can't be done from the web player, you have to click through to the app).

also helpful is sharing the album with the three connected circles right there, and following the artist on the platform:

playlsting instruction
sharing instruction
purchasing downloads or physical product​:

if you're still into this kind of thing, great! A high quality download of 'twigs' is available on bandcamp for a suggested price of $7, you can also order a cd of twigs and more merch as it comes out. just click the "buy" link below.

(shhh.. you can stream for free on bandcamp if you don't subscribe to any of these other platforms)

google play / amazon music / apple music / other premium streaming services

If you're subscribed to one of these, taking the same steps you might on spotify is a safe bet: playlist, share, follow.

amazon music • google play • apple music

music is more available then it has ever been and as artists, we can't be too particular about how you wish to consume it. the major platforms are hanging in an extended, unresolved jump ball, making it even harder for us to invest in one or the other (especially if we were here for myspace). for supporting independent artists you can't really go wrong with just listening to the music however you like, and telling someone, online or off. and signing email lists, because that platform isn't going anywhere.


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